Safety Tips

Our prime goal is to ensure the safety of our guests. We request our esteemed guests to read the safety precautions attentively while they indulge in comfort after making the best luxury hotel room reservations in Vicksburg at H2 Suites.


Consider the following travel tips to ensure a trouble-free journey.
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Travel Tips
Pack light

Traveling with minimal luggage enhances your overall comfort during the journey.

Carry zip locks

Zip-lock bags can significantly simplify the handling of wet or damp clothing.

Locks are inevitable

Always secure your travel bags and suitcases to prevent any unexpected loss of your belongings.

Carry important papers

Ensure you have your passport, driver's license, and any necessary vehicle documents before departure.

Pre-book your tickets online

Booking tickets ahead of time for the city's most popular tourist attractions is a convenient way to save both time and energy.

Hotel Protocols

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Upon arrival

Take a moment to review the property map located on the back of your guestroom door to familiarize yourself with the locations of fire exits and stairways.

Take note of where the alarm pull stations and fire extinguishers are located on your floor.

Find the "Off" switch on your air conditioner.

Note: In the event of a fire, turn off the air conditioner to avoid smoke from being attracted into your room.

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Security Measures

To ensure your safety, please lock your door with a deadbolt.

For enhanced security, fasten the doors with an additional safety latch.

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Never admit unknown individuals into your room without verifying their identity first.

If you're uncertain about someone's identity, please contact the front desk for assistance.

Always safeguard your room keys.

Avoid leaving your key unattended in your room or on your door.

Refrain from giving your keys to strangers.

Ensure that you drop off your keys at the front desk before leaving for the day.


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In the event of a fire:

Maintain your composure and refrain from becoming anxious.

Trigger the nearest fire alarm to alert others.

Close your door as securely as possible.

Contact the hotel's front desk to report the emergency.

Inform the hotel's staff about the situation.

Exit your room and the hotel premises immediately.

Ensure that you have easy access to your room key at all times.

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In case of smoke

Fold a wet towel into a triangle and tie it over your nose and mouth.

Call the front desk.

Inform the service staff regarding the situation.

Get on your hands and knees (or stomach) & crawl to the door.

Feel the doorknob and check if it is hot.

Scenario A:

If the door handle is cool to the touch, open the door gently to exit your room. Ensure that you carry your room along.

Scenario B:

If the door handle is hot, do not attempt to open it. Remain patient and wait for our service team to arrive and assist you.

Scenario 1:

If the hallway is smoke-free, proceed to the emergency exit stairs.

Scenario 2:

If you encounter smoke in the hallway, return to your room.

In the case of a tornado or severe weather event:

Our city's Civil Defense Sirens will be activated. Concurrently, the fire alarm system in our hotel will also be triggered to alert our guests. In this situation, we strongly recommend that guests adhere to the established protocols and evacuate to the lowest floor.

Our committed hotel personnel are on standby to assist you throughout this process. The hotel management will exert all possible efforts to communicate with you, either through a phone call or by personally visiting your room, to keep you informed about the situation.

Covid-19 Protocols

Our hotel is dedicated to adhering to the COVID-19 protocols of our brand. These are also in alignment with state-mandated regulations regarding maintaining physical distance. To ensure the safety of everyone during this pandemic, we kindly request all our guests to adhere to the following guidelines:

While in common areas like the lobby, it is obligatory to wear a face mask.

We request you to practice social distancing, even in places like the breakfast facility.

Disclaimer: The hotel cannot be held accountable for any illnesses the guests may encounter while staying within our property.